Financing REDD+: Closing the gap

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

[Stand No. 13]

Ms Nancy Gephart, Mr Sam Steveson, Ms Allie Goldstein and Ms Hannah Erickson are Master’s students at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment, which is one of the top environmental graduate programmes in the US, and a leader in natural resource research and education. As part of our Masters’ curriculum, we have undertaken a comprehensive study on the demand for forest carbon credits, both on the US voluntary market and future California compliance market. Our research is focused on the motivations of companies that enter these markets, and their decision-making process with regards to the purchase of forest carbon credits.

Presentation Summary

We will be presenting initial findings from our research on the demand for REDD+ credits in the voluntary market.

The first phase of this project was to survey producers and consumers of REDD credits to learn about their motivations in this space. We will use this information to draw conclusions about motivations for the supply and demand of REDD credits, and conduct a gap analysis to determine where incentive breakdowns exist. Ultimately, we aim to use the results of this analysis to improve communication within the voluntary market and facilitate partnerships between producers and consumers.

In presenting at Forest Day, we hope to gain feedback on our initial gap analysis and raise awareness for potential ways of linking REDD credit producers and consumers.

Key questions:

  • What are REDD credit consumers looking for when deciding whether to buy credits and which credits to buy?
  • What are REDD credit producers prioritising when developing their projects?
  • Are the motives of producers and consumers aligned? And how can communication be improved to make the market more efficient?