Governance frameworks for REDD+

Parallel session 1: 11.00-12.30
Al-Areen Ballroom 3

Host/ Co-hosts
GLOBE International
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations
International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)

While the technical aspects of REDD+ readiness have seen improvements, there have been limited efforts to-date on developing legal frameworks that support effective REDD+ implementation. The issues to be addressed through REDD+ are complex in nature and adequate legal frameworks will be needed to address environmental, social and economic issues in a coherent way. Additionally, the development of a legal framework needs to attune to market-driven instruments in order to achieve effective governance mechanisms. The review of existing legislation and conducting gap analysis of inconsistencies among sectoral laws will help address the drivers of deforestation and support the design of efficient participatory governance mechanisms. This session will explore the key ingredients needed for a successful REDD+ legal framework by considering national examples from a group of forested countries. In particular, the panel will include legislators and government representatives from REDD+ countries who will describe the growing role that their parliament, ministries and national institutions are playing as REDD+ evolves, not only in terms of advancing legal reform but also in providing oversight and scrutiny of national policy and budgets.

Eduardo Rojas-Briales, Assistant Director-General, Forestry Department of FAO, Chair, Collaborative Partnership on Forests

Keynote speakers

  • Barry Gardiner, Vice-President of GLOBE International, Member of Parliament from the UK
  • Niels Elers Koch, President of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), Director General of Forest and Landscape Denmark, University of Copenhagen


  • Joseph Ipalaka, Member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Member of GLOBE DRC
  • Rodrigo Rollemberg, Chair of Environment Committee of the Brazilian Senate
  • Maŕia Isabel Ortiz Mantilla, Secretary, Commission on Environment and Natural Resources, Mexican Chamber of Deputies  

Barry Gardiner, Vice-President of GLOBE International, Member of Parliament from the UK

Key questions

  • What are the key areas of legal reform that need to be addressed to support REDD+?
  • What are the essential ingredients, and who are the key stakeholders, in a successful REDD+ legal reform programme?
  • What role can parliaments and governments play in supporting the effective, equitable and efficient implementation of REDD+? 
  • How can legal frameworks be linked to market-driven mechanisms at country level?


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