Authors and corresponding author's contact

CBFF: A global solution to the climate change crisis
Deborah Glassman (debglassman1@gmail.com), Clotilde Mollo Ngomba

Important forest and environmental resources in the North West Region, Cameroon
Mac Etienne Fohtung (ffohtung@yahoo.com )

Sustainable honey harvesting in Cameroon
Mac Etienne Fohtung (ffohtung@yahoo.com )

Promoting 'high-biodiversity' REDD+: Options for operationalizing Cancún safeguards
Steve Swan (sswan@snvworld.org), Maryanne Grieg-Gran, Dilys Roe, Essam Mohanned

The shape and the way of forest community to participate in conserving forests through bioactive charcoal compost application
Lina Gusmailina (gsmlina@gmail.com )

Restoring Earth systems
Dirk Brinkman (chris_reid@brinkman.ca )

Building capacity for national level carbon measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) systems for a reduction of emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD)
Nadine Laporte (nlaporte@whrc.org ), Paola Mekui, Peter Ndunda, Ned Horning, Alessandro Baccini, Wayne Walker, Tina Cormier

Planning for sustainable forest management in African dry forests: Mapping priority forests for multiple objectives in Western Province, Zambia
Catherine Traynor (ctraynor@ppf.org.za ), Craig Beech

Sustainable use of dry forest lanscapes, key for sustainable rural development in subsaharan Africa
Savadogo Moumini (moumini.savadogo@iucn.org ), Aimé Nianogo, Honadia Clarisse

Forest conservation and ranching in the Amazon: Assessing win-win opportunities for Brazil
Nathalie Walker (walkern@nwf.org ), Holly Gibbs, Benjamin Orcutt, Kemel Kalif, Sabrina Patel

Institutional barriers to enhancing adaptive capacity of farmers in the gum arabic belt of Sudan
Fobissie Blese Kalame (fobissie.kalame@helsinki.fi ), Olavi Luukkanen, Markku Kanninen

The Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests (LEAF) Program supports efforts to reduce emissions from the forestry-land use sector
Brian Bean (bbean@winrock.org ), Alexandre Grais, David Ganz

Development of a decision support system for the design of adapted incentives and alternative land use schemes in the scope of REDD+
Aziza Rqibate (aziza.rqibate@vti.bund.de ), Jadder Lewis, Michael KÃhl, Sheila Zamora, Thomas Baldauf

Opportunities and challenges for the integration of multiple safeguard standards of REDD+:A case of Nepal
Dil Raj Khanal (dlkhanal@yahoo.com), Sagar Kumar Rimal (fecofun@gmail.com)

Appropriate Support for Indigenous Peoples Conserved Territories and Community Conserved Areas
Simone Lovera (simone.lovera@globalforestcoalition.org ), Taghi Farvar, Harry Jonas, Jennifer Koinante

Development of an adaptive monitoring system for the assessment of forest degradation in the scope of REDD+
Struwe Joern (joern.struwe@vti.bund.de ), Thomas Baldauf, Sheila Zamora, Jadder Lewis

Estimation of CO2 emissions and removals in the scope of REDD+: methodology development and comparison of different land use scenarios in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region, Nicaragua
Sheila Zamora (sheila.zamora@holz.uni-hamburg.de), Thomas Baldauf

Designing and implementing a national forest carbon measurement system for REDD+ in Guyana
Nancy Harris (nharris@winrock.org ), Sandra Brown, Pradeepa Bholanath, Silvia Petrova, Felipe Casarim

Forest science and policy initiatives by the largest international society of conservation science professionals
Kyle Gracey (gracey@uchicago